Gaby's Lifestyle

Jewelry is like the perfect spice - it always compliments what’s already there.
— Diane von Furstenberg

The Story

Selling jewelry has always been my dream. After being repeatedly complimented on my pieces I decide to move forward and start my own jewelry company working with amazing Polish Artists. Reactions always seemed to be spontaneous, "What is it? Where did you get it from? Where can I buy it?" My answer always is, it's all from the eternal passion for remarkable and beautiful jewelry. 
I've been buying and following what's happening in Poland’s jewelry industry for years. Precious treasures which I carry close to my heart and I want to share them with you. Let me take you on a remarkable journey with Polish jewelry Artists whose love for beautiful jewelry carries a lifetime of joy.

Style & Quality

This jewelry can be an addition to your style or act as the centerpiece. These pieces carry on a specific design. Sometimes considered as modern and avant-garde jewelry for brave women.  It is all a unique fusion of sharp design, passion and finest materials, ranging in price. But beauty of many of them is based on the classic form which will be always admired. Award-winning pieces. Successful on fashion runs, some are exhibited in museums and many women have been buying them for years. 
And this is probably the most important thing - acknowledge of women.

100% Handmade

The Artists use techniques that often go into oblivion. 

They combine classic, noble materials with modern ones. 

They use old techniques but also the latest technologies. 
Believe me it all blends into an amazing whole.